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The biography of Lewis Hamilton F1 racer (Part 3)

In this first season, Hamilton has 2 more victories in Hungary and Japan. With 4 victories, Hamilton leveled Jacques Villeneuve’s record of the number of races won by a rookie driver. Besides, he also set the record as the rookie rider won the most pole (6 times), the rookie rider won the most points (109 points).

The second impression of Lewis Hamilton’s first F1 season was the conflict with teammate Fernando Alonso. The tension started from the Monaco GP, after the race, Hamilton responded to the press suggesting that Mclaren forced him to give up (team order) to Alonso at that race even though Mclaren denied (at that time Team order was officially is considered invalid).

But then, the atmosphere in McLaren went on in favor of Hamilton. The tension between the two riders culminated in the Hungarian GP. Alonso has deducted 5 steps when starting because of a deliberate mistake that prevented Hamilton in Q3.

At the end of the season, Fernando Alonso had to end his contract early and return to the old Renault team.

In the last part of the article, we had a look at the biography of Lewis Hamilton from 2001 to 2007. And in 2008, he won the championship for the first time.

2008 – being the champion for the first time

Lewis Hamilton continued to maintain his peak form in the 2008 season. This time, his main opponent is not Raikkonen or Alonso but Felipe Massa. Despite winning less than the opponent (5 vs. 6), Hamilton is still 1 point more than the opponent to win the world for the first time.

Hamilton won at the first race of the season (GP of Australia), then he was Raikkonen took the lead in 3 races. By the Monaco race, with a victory, Hamilton regained the leading position and maintained until the end of the season. In the second half of the season, Hamilton won three more races in England, Germany, and China.

Hamilton and Raikkonen continued to have significant collisions in Belgium GP. The British driver was fined 25 seconds for illegally crossing Raikkonen, so he lost the victory to Massa even though he went to the podium to receive the trophy. This was Massa’s second consecutive victory, putting him to No. 1 in Ferrari during the decisive phase of the season.