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The biography of Lewis Hamilton F1 racer (Part 1)

Here is the biography of Lewis Hamilton as one of the greatest F1 racer nowadays.


Full name: Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

Born: January 7, 1985

Place of birth: Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Family members: Father: Anthony Hamilton, Mother: Carmen Larbalestier, Stepmother: Linda Hamilton. Another half-sister: Nicola Lockhart and Samatha Lockhart. My half-brother: Nicolas Hamilton – who has cerebral palsy and often watches Hamilton’s races.

Marriage: No, Lewis Hamilton has long been dating Nichole Scherzinger.

Idol: Ayrton Senna

In addition to racing, Hamilton is a fan of the Arsenal club.

Since the FIA ​​allowed riders to choose a fixed number of vehicles, Lewis Hamilton chose 44. It was the first number of karts that Hamilton played. Since becoming a superstar, Hamilton repeatedly against Team Order of the racing team.

Lewis Hamilton built himself as an entertainment star and a person who likes to explore and experience. He often uses the media as a weapon to put pressure on rivals, teammates, teams, and even FIA. However, there was a period when Hamilton had to delete all Instagram because he was criticized by the third sex people for wearing a skirt.

In many interviews, Hamilton revealed that he was a vegetarian. Lewis Hamilton has 2 dogs named Roscoe and Coco. As a person who loves to experience, Hamilton also likes adventure games like skydiving, surfing, playing with tigers, leopards, etc. He also used to hide the Mercedes team to test the Superbike at the Jerez racecourse.

The racing career of Lewis Hamilton

1993-2000: Kart racing

Lewis Hamilton started kart racing in 1993 when he was 8 years old and immediately gained attention. When he was 10, he met Mclaren boss Ron Dennis. From the age of 12, the betting company Ladbrokes made a 40/1 contract for Hamilton to win the F1 race before 23 years old and the 150/1 contract if Hamilton won F1 before the age of 25.

In 1997, Hamilton joined the Yamaha apprenticeship.

In 1998, after winning the Super One series, Ron Dennis signed a contract with Hamilton for him to join Mclaren’s youth training. The contract contains provisions for future F1 racing interest in the Mclaren team. This makes Lewis Hamilton the youngest driver to sign an F1 race.