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The biography of Christian Eriksen – the silent conductor of Tottenham (Part 2)

During his time with Ajax, Eriksen has grown up and strengthened greatly. After three seasons in the Dutch team, he won three national football championship titles with this team. On 30 August 2013, club Tottenham Hotspur announced that they had completed the Eriksen transfer from Ajax in a deal believed to be worth £ 11 million or € 12.45 million.

Eriksen made his new club debut against Norwich City on September 14, 2013. In this match, he created a goal to help Tottenham achieve a 2-0 final victory over the opponent. On September 19, 2013, Eriksen scored his first goal for Tottenham with a stunning long shot in a 3–0 victory over Troms IL in the Europa League.

His first Premier League goal on December 26, 2013, was a stunning free-kick that opened the scoring against West Bromwich Albion. A week later, in a match against strong rival Manchester United, he scored a big goal with an assist for Emmanuel Adebayor and raised the score to 2-0 to bring Tottenham’s 2-1 victory.

Since playing for Tottenham, Eriksen has always played a vital role in the squad of “Rooster”. He is always on the list of players with the most assists in the Premier League.

Besides, the ability to score from unexpected long-range shots is always the forte of the Danish midfielder. At the age of 27, what Eriksen lacks right now, perhaps just trophies.

Since playing for Tottenham, Eriksen has always played a vital role in the squad of “Rooster”

The style of playing

Eriksen stands out for his technique but that is not all that remains in the mind of his teammates and coach. He always knows how to put the interests of the team first, this has been Eriksen’s guiding principle until now.

The number 10 of the Danish team is not the type of player willing to aggressively take the ball into the opponent’s defenders and pass one after another in a meaningless way or flamboyant legs. He will still keep the ball in his feet and over, but that is to serve the general style of the team.

Also, Eriksen knows how to regulate, move to create space, when to fast or slow kick, when to pass or shoot. Watching mindful players like Eriksen always gives the audience a sense of peace because they know how to make the right decisions at the right time with high probability. Eriksen’s only downside is probably his weak mentality when he has to play big matches.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The biography of Christian Eriksen – the silent conductor of Tottenham (Part 1)

Christian Eriksen’s full name is Christian Dannemann Eriksen, born February 14, 1992, and is a Danish professional soccer player. Currently, he is playing in the central midfield position or attacking midfielder of club Tottenham Hotspur and the Danish national team.

Thanks to his talent and relentless efforts, Eriksen has become the best player in Denmark and one of the top midfielders in the world today. In the colors of both the club and the national team, Eriksen plays the role of conductor and is the “brain” of the team.


Born in Middelfart, Denmark, Eriksen followed in the footsteps of his father, Mr. Thomas when he started playing soccer in the local academy where he lived in 2004. His father at the time was one of coaching. The club’s incumbent and with Middelfart youth team Eriksen won the local youth championship for the third time in a row.

A year later, Eriksen joined Odense Boldklub

He began to form and develop his inherent skills such as dribbling, free kicks, and precise passing. His form at the youth level has caught the attention of some major European clubs, including those like Chelsea and Barcelona. Despite having undergone probation at Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Inter Milan, Eriksen ultimately decided to move to Ajax.

Christian Eriksen was the silent conductor of Tottenham Hotspur

On 17 October 2008, Eriksen signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with club Ajax and the transfer fee is estimated to be around 1 million Euro. After a period of effort and self-expression in the youth team shirt, in January 2010, Eriksen was officially promoted to the 1st team and awarded the number 51 at Ajax. After his first season in Ajax shirt, Eriksen won praise and compared his playing style to the likes of Wesley Sneijder and Rafael van der Vaart.

In the 2010/2011 season, Eriksen got an official place in Ajax shirt with No. 8 shirts. Eriksen’s ability and maturity are indisputable as he helped Ajax achieve their first Eredivisie title after 7 years. At the end of the season, he was also honored by Ajax as the most talented player of the year. In the same year, he was awarded Dutch football’s Player of the Year and Danish Player of the Year award.