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The biography of Rooney – the world’s most comprehensive striker (Part 1)

In the world of football, the name Rooney is probably not too strange, especially for fans of Manchester United and England. Let’s learn about Rooney’s biography along with his football career through the following article.

If you regularly watch football, you can know that his career has reached the end of his peak period, but his influence on world football is still very great. Rooney’s playing style as a striker is considered to be the most comprehensive in the world.

Rooney’s profile

Rooney’s full name is Wayne Mark Rooney. He was born on 24 October 1985. Rooney is an English professional footballer, currently playing as an attacking midfielder for D.C United in the MLS American professional football league.

Before football fans saw him participate in the attacking midfield position, people were too familiar with his image when playing at the center or attacking position.

In 2003, Rooney was named into the England national team

Rooney started his professional football career in 2002 when joining the Everton club. The first goal he scored in his football career was against Arsenal. With this goal, he became the youngest player to score in the history of the Premier League at that time. Rooney quickly became a very important factor in the team.

Before the 2004-2005 Premier League season began, Rooney transferred to Manchester United for a transfer fee of up to £ 25.6 million and he became the key player in the first team. With 253 goals when Playing for the Manchester United club, Rooney is the player to score the most goals in the club’s history.

At the same time, he also scored 53 goals for the England national team. Rooney has scored 200 goals in the Premier League, his record second only to Alan Shearer (260 goals).

Rooney was the second-youngest player to be named to the national team

In 2003, Rooney was named into the England national team, is the second-youngest player to be named to the national team. There he became the youngest goalscorer in all competitions of the UEFA Euro 2004 tournament. After that, Rooney became a very familiar name, frequently called into the national team.

In 2008, Rooney married his childhood friend Coleen Rooney. Currently, they have a very happy life with 3 sons.