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The biography of Lewis Hamilton F1 racer (Part 2)

2001-2005: Professional racing in young tournaments

Lewis Hamilton started racing big events at the age of 16. He races for Manor Motorsport in Formula Renault and Formula 3 in England.

By 2004, Hamilton competed in larger races, Formula 3 Euro Series, Macau Grand Prix, or Master of Formula 3.

In 2005, Lewis Hamilton left the Manor team to join AMS Formule 3. During this period, Hamilton achieved remarkable achievements including winning the Formula Renault 2.0 UK 2003 (winning 10/15 stages), winning Formula 3 Euro Series 2005 (winning 15/20 stages), and winning Master of Formula 3 2005.

2006: racing GP2 series

Hamilton’s road to F1 became more and more convenient when he was recruited by the ART Grand Prix team to race for the GP2 Series, which is considered the F1 youth tournament. Lewis Hamilton won the championship this season (won 5/21 stages). He has won several opponents that will meet again in F1 such as Nelson Piquet Jr, Timo Glock, or Vitali Petrov.

Thanks to a contract from a young age and the development in the right direction, Hamilton is a rare driver who did not have to go through the test driving period in McLaren.

2007: contradicting Fernando Alonso

He and Fernando Alonso were chosen by Mclaren to replace Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard. Right from the first races, Lewis Hamilton showed no match at the time with Fernando Alonso – the current F1 champion at that time. Hamilton took the podium in all of his first 9 races, including 2 victories in North America (Canada and USA).

Hamilton’s impressive podium chain only ends in Europe. He had an accident requiring first aid when racing Q3. However, he still rode the main race and finished ninth.

From the third race in Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton took the lead in the score (the same 22 points as Raikkonen and Alonso) and maintained this advantage until before the last race in Brazil. This time he has 107 points than Alonso 3 points and Raikkonen 7 points.

However, with only the seventh finish, Hamilton (along with Alonso) lost the championship to the rider who won the race, Raikkonen. After this race, Mclaren sued FIA for violations of the fuel laws of the BMW Sauber and Williams teams, but FIA acquitted these teams, so the results remained the same.

Previously, Hamilton was also narrowed by Raikkonen to 10 points (the maximum score for the winner) in the previous race, China GP (making a mistake when entering the pit).