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The biography of talented NBA basketball player Giannis (Part 2)

Giannis’ prominence began to attract scouts from the NBA. In 2013, Milwaukee Bucks Club CEO John Hammond flew to Greece at the suggestion of some “headhunters”, including representatives of Giannis. He watched a Filathlitikos match, where Giannis showed some of his potentials.

Talent and luck brought Giannis to the Milwaukee Bucks shirt

But among the many emerging names of American and European basketball, Giannis is not a new and special phenomenon. Recruiting a player like Giannis is a risky gamble with Hammond compared with the hiring of a more well-verified young American talent. But to make a difference for the home team, Hammond decided to gamble with his determination to bring Giannis back to Milwaukee.

Giannis’ American dream came true after the 2013 draft when he was selected by Milwaukee in 15th place. The Nigerian immigrant boy who once roamed the Athens streets is now a talent. prospects in the NBA, receiving special attention from reporters and contemporary superstars such as LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

To help the Greek rookie settle into America, CEO John Hammond personally taught him to drive. Two seniors in the team, Ovington Mayo and Zaza Pachulia took Giannis to explore the city, helped him buy new clothes, and give him a car to get around. This warm treatment helped Giannis get through his tough early days in Milwaukee and then grow and shine brightly after four seasons in the NBA.

The top all-around NBA star

If there is one thing that is most regretful for Giannis since coming to America, it is the sudden death of her father. At the age of 54, Charles died after a heart attack on September 29 this year, when his son was preparing for the new season with his teammates. Giannis was utterly devastated, but the love of the city of Milwaukee once again got him through the biggest event.

With the ability to dribble, shoot for a field, break through the basket and defend, Giannis is very close to being the most comprehensive player in the NBA, who could succeed LeBron James, playing well in all five positions on the pitch.