Biographies of famous sportsmen

Maradona’s biography – Life and career of a football legend (Part 2)

Maradona in Barcelona colors

In the 1980s, Maradona became the most expensive player in the world. Because the Barcelona team spent 5 million pounds to invite him to contribute.

The time Diego Maradona played for the home team at Camp Nou was quite faint. Despite contributing in two seasons (1983-1985), but he played only 40 matches. Exactly the number of games involved in one season at the Boca Club.

Maradona in the legendary Napoli colors

Maradona changed to Napoli from 1984 – 1992, 8 years in blue he created many miracles. The total number of appearances in Napoli colors was 188 games, scoring 81 goals. 1986 was a very glorious year for Maradona, he attended the World Cup in Mexico. In the quarter-final against England, he overcame 6 defenders and 1 goalkeeper.

Maradona in the legendary Napoli colors

Maradona quickly set the final score 2-1 and brought Napoli victory. This excellent goal went down in history and became the football curriculum.

Because he had pitched the ball from the center of the field to the penalty area and scored a goal, something no one had at the time. Even big players of the time were in good shape and physical strength. But Maradona, only 1m65 tall with a small physique can do that miracle!

In the semi-final against Belgium, he conceded the team twice. In the final against West Germany, he created two shots to help Valvado and Buruchaga bring home a 3-2 victory for Argentina.

In 1987, he helped the team win the Sculetto Championship. Breaking the unbeaten stance of the defending champions Juventus, Ac Milan had to leave. In the same year, he was awarded UEFA and FIFA World Player of the Year award. In the following years, he played for many other teams but with no success. He retired at the age of 43.

Through the above article, you must have understood the biography of Maradona. A legend in the football village, always an eternal monument in the hearts of fans!

Biographies of famous sportsmen

Maradona’s biography – Life and career of a football legend (Part 1)

Diego Maradona is a football player with an extremely impressive record. So, how splendid is Maradona’s biography? All interesting information about this player will be revealed in the following article.

1. Who is Maradona?

Maradona’s full name is Diego Armatedo Mara de Fabcis Dona. He is often referred to as Maradona or Diego Maradona for short.

Diego Maradona was born on October 30, 1960, he was born in the Argentinian town of Buenos Ares. His family has a history of love for football, so the passion for football ignited him from a very young age. Maradona was introduced to the plastic ball by his father. He enjoyed a ball and was able to play with it all day.

This passion made him willing to take 10 lessons in a row just to play football. Even when he was detained and banned by his mother, it could not extinguish the flame of enthusiasm in him. By regularly playing with plastic balls, he gradually developed the skill of controlling the ball.

At the age of 12, Maradona was led by his father to join the Boca Junior club. But because of his small body and quite a bad performance, he was eliminated. At the age of 15, he successfully applied for and entered the official squad at the age of 18.

2. What is Maradona’s height?

Diego Maradona is one of ten “trolls” legendary football village. Because he has a modest height of the only 1m65 but has scored 34 goals and attended four times the World Cup.

Image of Maradona holding the trophy indefinitely in 1986

Many people think that being small is a huge obstacle in competitive football matches. But, with small stature makes it easier for him to score successfully. Because Maradona’s height made him more flexible, it was easier to wriggle through tall players and become more dangerous with every goal.

Maradona in Boca Junior shirt

He was different in the color of Boca’s shirt for only one season. But it was during this season that he made his reputation.

In the 1981-1982 season, Maradona played 40 matches for his favorite team, giving Boca 28 goals. In it, the most important goal is against River Plate. He defeated the Boca club’s rivals and won the Liberta Dores Cup (this is the trophy of the national clubs across South America). At that time, he was just 18 years old.