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Mourinho’s journey to become a great football coach

Mourinho is one of the greatest Coaches of all time and is admired by his coaching talent. To know more about the biography of Mourinho, the readers will update the related information below.

1. Career as a player

After many transfers to different football teams, he realized that he could not become a good player, when he really did not have the ability, which is why he officially made the decision of hanging shoes after 94 matches for 4 different teams at the age of 24, from which he went to school to become a good Trainer.

2. Career as a Coach

After a period of time as an interpreter for coach Sir Bobby Robson, in 2000 the opportunity came to José Mourinho to become a top coach. He was appointed coach of Benfica and replaced Jupp Heynkes, but at the time he was not a big name in the coaching world, the newly elected president wanted his team to be led by one. The coach was more famous, so he resigned from his position shortly before being fired.

In Mourinho’s profile in 2001, he found a new job at the União de Leiria Club. With only seven matches, the club achieved the highest position in history in the fifth position in the 2000-2001 season.

With this great achievement, Mourinho was paid attention to by many big clubs, including FC Porto. This was where Mourinho’s career gradually developed rapidly, along with many domestic and European titles. Most notably in the Champions League in 2003-2004, in 2004, Mourinho began to set foot in the foggy country, directly as a coach for FC Chelsea.

Accordingly, he helped this club to break MU’s domination, with 2 consecutive titles to win the championship and a number of other titles. In 2008, he moved to Inter Milan after waiting conflict with Chelsea president. When leading the club, he helped the team win a historic treble in 2009-2010.

After these achievements, he moved to become a coach for Real. Here his achievements were not impressive, because then his opponent was Bacelona. But Mourinho also helped the club to win four titles before being fired in 2012-2013, and in 2016, Mourinho was appointed Manchester United manager.

Despite helping the club win three titles in the Cup, C1 and C2 season, the end of the table in the domestic league led him to be fired by the host club in 2018. We can see that all the clubs he leads are world-renowned teams, thereby confirming Mourinho’s talent.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

Overview biography of Mourinho coach

Jose Mourinho – His full name is José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho, born in 1963 into a middle-class family in Setubal, Portugal. He has a son, Maria Julia Mourinho. His father was also one of the professional soccer players for Vitoria de Setubal, Belenenses and used to wear the colors of the Portuguese football team.

His mother was a teacher of an elementary school. Basically, Mourinho is from a well-off family. However, with the fall of Estado Novo’s António de Oliveira Salazar regime in April 1974, Mourinho’s family lost everything apart from an estate in the Palmela region.

According to the general assessment that Mourinho is a sociable child, full of competition, his mother encouraged him to strive to achieve success by his own efforts.

Associated with his football career in Lisbon, Porto, Mourinho often had to leave his son. However, he always tried to spend time with his father, even as a teenager, by any means to watch football matches on the weekends. At the same time, his father moved on to coaching, and Mourinho became a soccer student, watching training sessions and visiting rival teams.

Mourinho wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Becoming a footballer, he joined the youth team of Belenenses. After graduating with honors, he played at Rio Ave, Belenenses and Sesimbra, but in fact Mourinho did not become a professional player, because of the lack of speed and the necessary strength.

When he realized his weaknesses, he chose to pursue his dream of becoming a true coach. Mourinho’s mother had other thoughts, enrolling him in an economics school. He went to school there, but also dropped out on the first day and decided to focus on sports, choosing to study so he could stay at the Instituto de Educação Física Superior – Lisbon Technical University, studying sports science.

Mourinho had been teaching physical education at various schools for many years, earned a diploma and always scored high throughout the course. After attending the Coaching Course organized by the English and Scottish Football Federation, then former Coach Andy Roxburgh noticed the effort, focusing on every detail of the young man who Portugal.

Accordingly, Mourinho has rediscovered how to determine the role of coach in football by mixing coaching theory with psychological techniques and athletic skills.