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How great is Alex Ferguson in the history of Premier League? (Part 2)

Sir Alex‘s achievements make him the greatest of the great coaches. Who could match him? Maybe Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers. It was Phil Jackson, who once led Michael Jordan’s Chiago Bulls basketball team, the LA Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, Bob Paisley, who won three C1 Cups and six English championships with Liverpool, as Casey baseball coaches.

Stengel and Joe McCarthy, who achieved great success with the New York Yankees. Everyone will have their own choice but certainly in any discussion of the greatest coaches in the world of sport, Sir Alex is one of the names mentioned.

He was great not only for the trophies he won with M.U but also for the way he built a modern M.U team, became its symbol and the talent he commanded. Sir Alex is greater than any other player he has ever coached. He was fortunate to work with some great talent but he was obviously the glue that holds all the players together.

The standard for everything as a coach

History tells us that no one is more difficult to replace than Sir Alex Ferguson. One of Sir Alex’s geniuses is that he is always ahead of his time. He not only built a great team M.U, but also four versions of M.U. He is both a classical coach and a great revolutionary and great innovator. He coaches both foreign and native players. Sir Alex is a master at managing people.

Sir Alex surpasses Arsene Wenger, his biggest rival in the Premier League, in that he always knows how to adapt to the times. He moved forward while Wenger did not.

Sir Alex knows that he needs to change his tactics and how to manage his players because they become stronger but he never loses control of them. And he shows his dominant influence with his strong personality and many other qualities.

It is hard to imagine a world of football without him. It’s hard to imagine M.U without him. After all that Sir Alex contributed to English football.

After the joys he brought to so many people over a long period of time, all football lovers were looking forward to recovering to return to Old Trafford and the stadiums across England will continue to remind him of his retirement and all of us will keep in mind the memories of the great M.U teams that he has created.