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Learn about the biography and achievements of Stephen Curry (Part 1)

Stephen Curry is considered the greatest pitcher in NBA basketball history. Join the Basketball Wiki to learn about the biography and achievements of Stephen Curry in the article below.

Referring to the name Stephen Curry, everyone knows this is a legend of modern basketball. Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player with outstanding ability and a unique playing style that makes anyone who loves basketball are hard fans of this guy.

Profile of Stephen Curry

Full name: Wardell Stephen Curry

Nicknames: Steph, Chef Curry, Golden Boy

Date of birth: March 14, 1988 (age 31)

Place of birth: Akron, Ohio, USA

Nationality: American

Height: 1m90

Shoe size: 13.5

Weight: 86 kg

Education: Charlotte Christian (Charlotte, North Carolina), Davidson University

Net worth: $ 90 million

Profession: A basketball player

Current Team: Golden State Warriors

Play career: 2009 – present

Zodiac symbol: Pisces

Childhood of Stephen Curry

Wardell Stephen Curry was born on March 14, 1988, in Akron, Ohio, and raised in Charlotte North Carolina. Stephen’s love for basketball began when his father brought both him and his brother Seth (who currently plays for Portland Trail Blazer) on the Charlotte Raptors team to study basketball for a while.

After that, Stephen moved to Christianway College in Toronto to practice. When he returned to Charlotte, he enrolled in Charlotte Christian High School, which opened up his chances of success in basketball.

Professional career

Stephen Curry was signed by the Golden State Warriors for a $ 12.7 million contract over four years. At the end of the 2009 NBA season, he finished runner-up in the NBA Rookie Category of the year and was named for NBA-Rookie-All-Team.

In the 2009 NBA season, Stephen Curry finished runner-up in the NBA Rookie of the year

During the 2011 NBA All-Star season, he dominated the Skill challenge and was awarded the NBA Sports Skill Award.

Injury season (2011-2015)

Curry had a few injuries and had to undergo surgery this season, he had ankle surgery to repair the torn ligaments and the wound was completely healed by the start of the 2011-2012 season. That same season – in February, he again had a tendon strain in his right leg and required surgery in April.