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The biography and career of football legend Michel Platini (Part 1)

Let’s look back at the biography and career of a French football player, some of the world’s 10 legends.

Michel Platini was born on June 21, 1955, in the village of Jœuf, northeastern France. Platini came from an Italian family who immigrated to France. Platini’s grandfather left Piemonte at the end of World War I for Lothringen and worked as a bricklayer. His father Michel Platini, Mr. Aldo Platini, is a former player and football coach. It was Mr. Aldo who was instrumental in arousing his son’s football potential.

There is something that few people know that the reason why Platini can move the ball flexibly and flexibly like a samba dancer is that he grew up from street football. Thanks to the years of traveling on the streets, Platini had the serenity of a grass-field artist, unlike his peers who were hardened in football academies from too early.

It was not until the age of 11, that is, after 6 years of playing on the street, that Platini joined the local football club AS Joeuf.

Magnificent competition of Michel Platini

Platini helped France win Euro tournament 1984, in which he was also the best player and top scorer. During his career as a player, Platini has played for the clubs’ Nancy, Saint-Étienne, and Juventus, scoring 224 goals in 432 games.

Michel Platini became the first player to win the European Golden Ball three times in a row

He was a member of the French team to win the European Championship in 1984, a tournament in which he was also the best player and top scorer. Michel Platini once held the scoring record in the French shirt color (41 goals) before being broken by Thierry Henry in 2007.

Speaking of Platini is talking about one of the brightest natural talents on the pitch that few people in history can match. Wearing the iconic number 10 shirt, he is one of the three greatest playmakers of the late 70s and early 80s of the 20th century.

Together with Diego Maradona and Zico, the man with the nickname Le Roi (King) is considered the best player in Europe at that time. Platini is the former continent’s answer to an outstanding attacking midfielder before the unrivaled talent of the South American duo mentioned above.