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The career of Lewis Hamilton from 2011 till now (Part 2)

2013 season: Reuniting with old friend Nico Rosberg at Mercedes

On September 28, 2012, Lewis Hamilton announced that he would part with Mclaren at the end of the season to move to join Mercedes to team up with his close friend Nico Rosberg. This was the only season Hamilton had won less than his teammates (1 in Hungary versus 2 of Rosberg) but he still scored more points.

In particular, Hamilton had to give up in British GP when leading the way due to wheel explosion. In addition to him, 4 other riders also broke out in the forgotten race of the Pirelli tire company.

In this season, Mercedes is always very strong when running the division, but they are often surpassed in the first race in the race after a day.

2014 season: Return to the championship and break the relationship with Rosberg

But Mercedes has completely overcome the weaknesses of their main race last season. Since the 2014 season, they have toppled Redbull to dominate Formula 1 racing.

Lewis Hamilton had an unlucky start. He the pole but had to give up in the second round in Australia GP due to engine failure, but he won four consecutive races afterward (Malaysia, Bahrain, China, and Spain) to take the lead of Rosberg teammates (during this time Rosberg won 1 and 4 times second). This is also the first time in Hamilton’s career to win 4 consecutive races.

At GP Hungary, Rosberg won the pole and Hamilton had to start from the pitlane (due to broken vehicles in the classification). During the race, the two used different tactics, and Hamilton refused to order the team order for Rosberg to pass so Mercedes once again took the victory to Ricciardo. But for Hamilton, he reached the finish line before Rosberg and closed the gap a little.

The friendship of Hamilton and Rosberg officially broke down in the GP of Belgium. Both collided in the second round, the accident caused Hamilton to break the wheel while Rosberg broke the front wing. Although Hamilton continued to race but had to give up in round 38.

At GP Italia, Rosberg took the lead during the 26 rounds after the start. But he made two consecutive mistakes in the corner of number 1, so Hamilton regained the leading position and won the final. About the tone that Rosberg deliberately “redeemed” in the preliminary phase of that error.