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The biography of talented MU midfielder Paul Pogba (Part 1)

Paul Pogba is a Guinée French player who currently plays for Manchester United and the French national football team in midfield.

1. Biography of Paul Pogba player

Paul Labile Pogba is a French Guinée French footballer who currently plays for Manchester United and the French national football team in midfield.

Pogba began his amateur football career for the local club in Paris Roissy-en-Brie and US Torcy before playing for professional club Le Havre in 2007.

He moved to England to play for Manchester United since 2009 and the transfer became controversial when his former club demanded that the English club denounce the use of the player. Pogba’s two brothers, Florentin and Mathias, are also soccer players and currently play for Atlanta United and Manchego respectively.

Pogba is a French international youngster at U16, U17, and U18 level. In the National Under-16 team, he was captain and joined the champions of the Aegean Cup and Tournio du Val-de-Marne.

At the U17 level, he competed in the European U17 Championship held by UEFA in 2010. At the national team level, he was called up to the 2014 World Cup, Euro 2016, and the 2018 World Cup.

2. Childhood

Pogba was born in Lagny-sur-Marne, a town on the eastern outskirts of Paris. Pogba’s parents were Guineans who immigrated to France. Understanding the family situation, from an early age, his father, Mr. Fassou Antoine Pogba, is always strict with his children, and Pogba is no exception.

He moved to England to play for Manchester United since 2009

And when Paul Pogba fell in love with football, the rigor increased because Mr. Fassou was once a player, a player who has not yet reached his career goals.

Under the guidance and coaching of his father and strong will, Pogba quickly got his first club at the age of six, two years after he began hobbling football, US Roissy-en-Brie.

Spent 7 years here, Pogba started looking for bigger stops. He wore Torcy, Le Havre, and Manchester United respectively.

3. Club level career

Joining the Red Devils at the age of 16, Pogba considers this place his second home, a place where he wants to stick for a long time and build a career. However, at a famous club like Man United, Pogba soon realized that it was not easy for him to advance as quickly as he did in his childhood.

After two years at the Manchester United academy, Pogba was new to the first team in the 2011/12 season. However, Sir Alex Ferguson gave Pogba only three appearances in the Premier League.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The biography of Rooney – the world’s most comprehensive striker (Part 2)

Trophies in a football career

Rooney has won a lot of titles in his career, let’s go over those titles!

At the Manchester United club

5 times to win the Premier League

2 times British Super Cup Championship

2 times the British Football Federation Cup Championship

Winners of UEFA Champions League Season 2007-2008

Winner of 2008 FIFA Club World Cup

Personal titles

A young player with the best goal in the Premier League in the past 20 years from 1992 to 2012.

The player with the best goal in two seasons 2004 – 2005 and 2006 – 2007

5 times to achieve the title of the best goal of the month

2 times to achieve the title of youngest player of the year

Once won the title of the best player of the year at the PFA in the 2009-2010 season

Twice won the title of most popular player at the PFA

Once achieved the title of young player of the year best at BBC Sport

Achieved the title of the best player of the year at FWA once

Achieved the title of young player of the year best at FIFPro World once

5 times won the title of the best player of the month in the English Premier League

Once won the title of best player at Barclays

Once won the title of best player at the FIFA Club World Cup

4 times won the title of best English player of the year

Once on the list of the best players in Europe

2 times in the squad of the Premier League best of the year

Placed into the best squad at UEFA Euro 2004

In 2003, Won the Bravo Award (Honor Prize)

Twice won the Sir Matt Busby Award

Both his ability to play ball and stamina are not as good as before. But with the talent and the trophies that Rooney has achieved in his football career, it is respectable. Wish you will have the most relaxing moments with your favorite players and teams.


Above are some basic information about Rooney’s biography along with the titles that he has achieved in his career. Nowadays, we don’t have many chances to see Rooney’s top games because he is in his final years.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The biography of Rooney – the world’s most comprehensive striker (Part 1)

In the world of football, the name Rooney is probably not too strange, especially for fans of Manchester United and England. Let’s learn about Rooney’s biography along with his football career through the following article.

If you regularly watch football, you can know that his career has reached the end of his peak period, but his influence on world football is still very great. Rooney’s playing style as a striker is considered to be the most comprehensive in the world.

Rooney’s profile

Rooney’s full name is Wayne Mark Rooney. He was born on 24 October 1985. Rooney is an English professional footballer, currently playing as an attacking midfielder for D.C United in the MLS American professional football league.

Before football fans saw him participate in the attacking midfield position, people were too familiar with his image when playing at the center or attacking position.

In 2003, Rooney was named into the England national team

Rooney started his professional football career in 2002 when joining the Everton club. The first goal he scored in his football career was against Arsenal. With this goal, he became the youngest player to score in the history of the Premier League at that time. Rooney quickly became a very important factor in the team.

Before the 2004-2005 Premier League season began, Rooney transferred to Manchester United for a transfer fee of up to £ 25.6 million and he became the key player in the first team. With 253 goals when Playing for the Manchester United club, Rooney is the player to score the most goals in the club’s history.

At the same time, he also scored 53 goals for the England national team. Rooney has scored 200 goals in the Premier League, his record second only to Alan Shearer (260 goals).

Rooney was the second-youngest player to be named to the national team

In 2003, Rooney was named into the England national team, is the second-youngest player to be named to the national team. There he became the youngest goalscorer in all competitions of the UEFA Euro 2004 tournament. After that, Rooney became a very familiar name, frequently called into the national team.

In 2008, Rooney married his childhood friend Coleen Rooney. Currently, they have a very happy life with 3 sons.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The career of Lewis Hamilton from 2011 till now (Part 3)

2015 season: Full dominance

Despite not having the impressive winning sequence as in 2014, Lewis Hamilton took the lead from the first race and won the championship in the US before three races. In this season Hamilton had 10 victories and only 2 failed to reach the podium (about 6 in Hungary and gave up in Singapore).

Besides, the fact that he let Rosberg win the last 3 races has helped this driver regain the confidence to strike back in the 2016 season.

2016 season: Defeated by teammates

Rosberg went on to win four of the opening races of the 2016 season (in a row of seven consecutive victories since last season) to build the top spot. And Hamilton only had 3 times to podium and 1 time to 7. The distance of both now up to 43 points.

Although Lewis Hamilton tried to win the last 4 races, it was not enough to retain the championship title because Rosberg also finished second in all 4 races.

Hamilton and Rosberg

At GP Abu Dhabi, once again Hamilton rejected the racing team’s order and deliberately pinned Rosberg’s speed in the hope that Rosberg will make mistakes but fails. This is the second time Hamilton has lost his teammate.

2017 season: Regain the throne

Overall, Hamilton’s Mercedes is still marginally better than the Italian car, he has won the pole and won 9 times. While Bottas has 4 poles and 3 wins. Ferrari’s numbers are only 5 poles and 5 wins.

Lewis Hamilton regained the throne

In the next Brazilian race, Hamilton had to start from the pitlane because he could not attend the classification race because of a car breakdown but he still finished fourth.

2018 season: The 5th championship

Lewis Hamilton started the 2018 season in a backward fashion. Won the pole but only came second in Australia, then third in Bahrain, fourth in China.

In these victories, remembering in Italy, Hamilton had a collision with Vettel at the start (Vettel was turned). In Brazil, the victory came to Hamilton thanks to the Esteban Ocon cardboard led by Max Verstappen.

5 times championship

With five championships, Hamilton overcame his senior Alain Prost, and rival Sebastian Vettel, to match the late legendary Juan Manuel Fangio.

In the history of this speed sport, only 16 riders have ever won the championship. And before Hamilton won the 2018 season, only two drivers had reached the 5 championship mark: Fangio and Michael Schumacher.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The career of Lewis Hamilton from 2011 till now (Part 2)

2013 season: Reuniting with old friend Nico Rosberg at Mercedes

On September 28, 2012, Lewis Hamilton announced that he would part with Mclaren at the end of the season to move to join Mercedes to team up with his close friend Nico Rosberg. This was the only season Hamilton had won less than his teammates (1 in Hungary versus 2 of Rosberg) but he still scored more points.

In particular, Hamilton had to give up in British GP when leading the way due to wheel explosion. In addition to him, 4 other riders also broke out in the forgotten race of the Pirelli tire company.

In this season, Mercedes is always very strong when running the division, but they are often surpassed in the first race in the race after a day.

2014 season: Return to the championship and break the relationship with Rosberg

But Mercedes has completely overcome the weaknesses of their main race last season. Since the 2014 season, they have toppled Redbull to dominate Formula 1 racing.

Lewis Hamilton had an unlucky start. He the pole but had to give up in the second round in Australia GP due to engine failure, but he won four consecutive races afterward (Malaysia, Bahrain, China, and Spain) to take the lead of Rosberg teammates (during this time Rosberg won 1 and 4 times second). This is also the first time in Hamilton’s career to win 4 consecutive races.

At GP Hungary, Rosberg won the pole and Hamilton had to start from the pitlane (due to broken vehicles in the classification). During the race, the two used different tactics, and Hamilton refused to order the team order for Rosberg to pass so Mercedes once again took the victory to Ricciardo. But for Hamilton, he reached the finish line before Rosberg and closed the gap a little.

The friendship of Hamilton and Rosberg officially broke down in the GP of Belgium. Both collided in the second round, the accident caused Hamilton to break the wheel while Rosberg broke the front wing. Although Hamilton continued to race but had to give up in round 38.

At GP Italia, Rosberg took the lead during the 26 rounds after the start. But he made two consecutive mistakes in the corner of number 1, so Hamilton regained the leading position and won the final. About the tone that Rosberg deliberately “redeemed” in the preliminary phase of that error.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The career of Lewis Hamilton from 2011 till now (Part 1)

Lewis Hamilton is one of the key members of the Mercedes team that will compete in this year’s F1 race. The information and achievements of this driver in particular and the entire team in general are constantly increasing after each season and receive great attention from the speed enthusiasts.

In this article, let’s learn about the career of Lewis Hamilton from 2011 till now.

2011 season: For the first time defeated by teammates

In 2011, Lewis Hamilton for the first time in his F1 career ended the season with fewer points than his teammate. (Button 270 points, Hamilton 227 points). He still has up to 3 victories (in China, Germany, Abu Dhabi) but has never been able to rise to the top of the rankings due to Vettel’s absolute dominance.

This season, in addition to troubles in his private life, Hamilton was repeatedly fined on the track. In Malaysia, he was fined 20 seconds for illegally blocking Alonso (Alonso was also fined 20 seconds in this phase).

To GP Monaco, Hamilton was fined up to 2 times, the first time was a penalty run through the pitlane by cardboard Massa. After the race ended he was fined 20 seconds for causing an accident for Pastor Maldonado. After this race, he ‘lamented’ that he was discriminated against (heavily punished) for being black.

Hamilton once again caused Massa an accident in Singapore (fined for running through a pitlane). In the Indian GP, ​​he has subtracted 3 steps from the point of ignoring the yellow flag when racing. During the race, Hamilton and Massa collided again (this time Massa was penalized).

2012 season: The last season in McLaren

The 2017 season saw 7 different riders winning the first 7 races and Hamilton was the last of them (GP Canada). He is also the leading racer on the chart at this time. He then won three more victories in Hungary, Italy, and the United States, but had to give up to five stages (Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and Brazil) plus one only to 19th in the European GP, ​​making Hamilton ranked 4th overall in the final race for McLaren.

In addition to the victories, the memorable event of Hamilton this season is his cancellation of the classification results in the GP of Spain due to fuel errors, having an accident in the starting phase at the GP of Belgium. Before the race at the Spa began, Hamilton revealed his race data and teammate Jenson Button to prove why he ran poorer than Button.

In the final race of the season, Lewis Hamilton had an accident with Nico Hulkenberg in GP Brasil when both competed for the top spot.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The biography of talented NBA basketball player Giannis (Part 2)

Giannis’ prominence began to attract scouts from the NBA. In 2013, Milwaukee Bucks Club CEO John Hammond flew to Greece at the suggestion of some “headhunters”, including representatives of Giannis. He watched a Filathlitikos match, where Giannis showed some of his potentials.

Talent and luck brought Giannis to the Milwaukee Bucks shirt

But among the many emerging names of American and European basketball, Giannis is not a new and special phenomenon. Recruiting a player like Giannis is a risky gamble with Hammond compared with the hiring of a more well-verified young American talent. But to make a difference for the home team, Hammond decided to gamble with his determination to bring Giannis back to Milwaukee.

Giannis’ American dream came true after the 2013 draft when he was selected by Milwaukee in 15th place. The Nigerian immigrant boy who once roamed the Athens streets is now a talent. prospects in the NBA, receiving special attention from reporters and contemporary superstars such as LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

To help the Greek rookie settle into America, CEO John Hammond personally taught him to drive. Two seniors in the team, Ovington Mayo and Zaza Pachulia took Giannis to explore the city, helped him buy new clothes, and give him a car to get around. This warm treatment helped Giannis get through his tough early days in Milwaukee and then grow and shine brightly after four seasons in the NBA.

The top all-around NBA star

If there is one thing that is most regretful for Giannis since coming to America, it is the sudden death of her father. At the age of 54, Charles died after a heart attack on September 29 this year, when his son was preparing for the new season with his teammates. Giannis was utterly devastated, but the love of the city of Milwaukee once again got him through the biggest event.

With the ability to dribble, shoot for a field, break through the basket and defend, Giannis is very close to being the most comprehensive player in the NBA, who could succeed LeBron James, playing well in all five positions on the pitch.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The biography of Lewis Hamilton F1 racer (Part 4)

Hamilton was Massa narrow by Massa to 1 point in GP Italia (Hamilton to 7, Massa to 6) but increased the gap to 7 points in Singapore (Massa had an error in the pit). The following race in Japan, both Hamilton and Massa were penalized for running through the pitlane.

Hamilton was penalized for driving Raikkonen off the racetrack in the starting phase, while Massa was penalized for causing an accident for Hamilton. The result of Hamilton only came in 12th, so there was no point and Massa narrowed the gap to 5 points (Massa returned to 7).

In the last 2 races, each driver has 1 victory (Hamilton won in GP China and Massa won in Brazil). Particularly in GP Brasil, Hamilton can only regain the championship from Massa thanks to Timo Glock’s pass in the final round.

2009 season – the most difficult period of his career

The intense competition of Mclaren and Ferrari in the 2007 and 2008 seasons makes these two teams not be the best prepared when the law changes from 2009 (Two Brawn GP teams (formerly Honda and later Mercedes and Redbull are the most beneficial teams).

In the second half of the season, McLaren made groundbreaking improvements so Hamilton won 2 victories (in Hungary and Singapore) and 3 times on another podium (GP Europe, Japan, Brazil). But he also had to give up twice in Belgium and Abu Dhabi.

2010 Season – shine in the middle of the season

In 2010, Mclaren continued to recruit another defending champion for himself, Jenson Button. Hamilton was outnumbered by his new team-mates early in the season when he failed to win the first six races and Button won two races in Australia and China.

He continued to win the favorite race in Canada, despite being fined $ 10,000 for a foul in the qualifying round, to rise to the top of the rankings. After that, there were 2 consecutive runner-ups in Valencia (European GP) and England.

Hamilton kept the leading position in the rankings to the German GP (finished fourth) before losing it to Mark Webber in the Hungarian GP (giving up due to gearbox failure).

After the summer break, Lewis Hamilton regained the top spot by winning the Spa. But it was also his final victory in the 2010 season. Two accidents in the following two stages (Italy and Singapore) made him fall to 3rd place in the rankings after Webber and Alonso. By the end of the season, the strong rise of Sebastian Vettel pushed Hamilton down to 4th place.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The biography of Lewis Hamilton F1 racer (Part 3)

In this first season, Hamilton has 2 more victories in Hungary and Japan. With 4 victories, Hamilton leveled Jacques Villeneuve’s record of the number of races won by a rookie driver. Besides, he also set the record as the rookie rider won the most pole (6 times), the rookie rider won the most points (109 points).

The second impression of Lewis Hamilton’s first F1 season was the conflict with teammate Fernando Alonso. The tension started from the Monaco GP, after the race, Hamilton responded to the press suggesting that Mclaren forced him to give up (team order) to Alonso at that race even though Mclaren denied (at that time Team order was officially is considered invalid).

But then, the atmosphere in McLaren went on in favor of Hamilton. The tension between the two riders culminated in the Hungarian GP. Alonso has deducted 5 steps when starting because of a deliberate mistake that prevented Hamilton in Q3.

At the end of the season, Fernando Alonso had to end his contract early and return to the old Renault team.

In the last part of the article, we had a look at the biography of Lewis Hamilton from 2001 to 2007. And in 2008, he won the championship for the first time.

2008 – being the champion for the first time

Lewis Hamilton continued to maintain his peak form in the 2008 season. This time, his main opponent is not Raikkonen or Alonso but Felipe Massa. Despite winning less than the opponent (5 vs. 6), Hamilton is still 1 point more than the opponent to win the world for the first time.

Hamilton won at the first race of the season (GP of Australia), then he was Raikkonen took the lead in 3 races. By the Monaco race, with a victory, Hamilton regained the leading position and maintained until the end of the season. In the second half of the season, Hamilton won three more races in England, Germany, and China.

Hamilton and Raikkonen continued to have significant collisions in Belgium GP. The British driver was fined 25 seconds for illegally crossing Raikkonen, so he lost the victory to Massa even though he went to the podium to receive the trophy. This was Massa’s second consecutive victory, putting him to No. 1 in Ferrari during the decisive phase of the season.

Biographies of famous sportsmen

The biography of Lewis Hamilton F1 racer (Part 2)

2001-2005: Professional racing in young tournaments

Lewis Hamilton started racing big events at the age of 16. He races for Manor Motorsport in Formula Renault and Formula 3 in England.

By 2004, Hamilton competed in larger races, Formula 3 Euro Series, Macau Grand Prix, or Master of Formula 3.

In 2005, Lewis Hamilton left the Manor team to join AMS Formule 3. During this period, Hamilton achieved remarkable achievements including winning the Formula Renault 2.0 UK 2003 (winning 10/15 stages), winning Formula 3 Euro Series 2005 (winning 15/20 stages), and winning Master of Formula 3 2005.

2006: racing GP2 series

Hamilton’s road to F1 became more and more convenient when he was recruited by the ART Grand Prix team to race for the GP2 Series, which is considered the F1 youth tournament. Lewis Hamilton won the championship this season (won 5/21 stages). He has won several opponents that will meet again in F1 such as Nelson Piquet Jr, Timo Glock, or Vitali Petrov.

Thanks to a contract from a young age and the development in the right direction, Hamilton is a rare driver who did not have to go through the test driving period in McLaren.

2007: contradicting Fernando Alonso

He and Fernando Alonso were chosen by Mclaren to replace Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard. Right from the first races, Lewis Hamilton showed no match at the time with Fernando Alonso – the current F1 champion at that time. Hamilton took the podium in all of his first 9 races, including 2 victories in North America (Canada and USA).

Hamilton’s impressive podium chain only ends in Europe. He had an accident requiring first aid when racing Q3. However, he still rode the main race and finished ninth.

From the third race in Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton took the lead in the score (the same 22 points as Raikkonen and Alonso) and maintained this advantage until before the last race in Brazil. This time he has 107 points than Alonso 3 points and Raikkonen 7 points.

However, with only the seventh finish, Hamilton (along with Alonso) lost the championship to the rider who won the race, Raikkonen. After this race, Mclaren sued FIA for violations of the fuel laws of the BMW Sauber and Williams teams, but FIA acquitted these teams, so the results remained the same.

Previously, Hamilton was also narrowed by Raikkonen to 10 points (the maximum score for the winner) in the previous race, China GP (making a mistake when entering the pit).