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Complete biographies of the great swimmer Michael Phelps (Part 2)

The achievements in swimming

In 2012, Phelps took a break from winning gold at the Olympic Games. After 1 year, he returned to training before getting caught up in the controversy behind the scenes. At the time, the media sparked an argument where he smoked marijuana and drove while drunk. Because this Scandal makes Phelps image more faint.

Swimmer Michael Phelps revived like that. At the Rio Olympics reaching 5 gold, this achievement is not too surprising compared to the capacity. However, the gold medals in South America are the fruits of the effort to stand up after falling. However, Phelps is stable thanks to participating in psychological treatment for 6 months.

In 2016, he retired. Phelps said that the only reason for being in the water was because of her mother. He learned how to swim with his sisters and then fell in love with this sport.

Outstanding achievements of swimmer Michael Phelps

At 10 years old, he broke the national record in the 100m butterfly swimming content. After that, the Northern Baltimore Swimming Club accepted him for training. After that, he had many group files until 2016, there were 12 records while still studying.

In 2000, he was part of the squad that attended the Olympic Games for the US sports team. He became the youngest athlete when he was 15. However, he did not achieve the success as expected this season. Five months later, he broke the world record of 200m butterfly swimming.

Swimming has many different techniques, one of the tricky ones is backstroke. If you want to learn this technique, please refer to our article how to learn to swim backwards!

From 2000 to 2004, Phelps went on to break five world records in mixed personalities and butterfly swimming. In 2007, he achieved 7 gold medals and broke 5 records at the world swimming championship. In 2008 at the Summer Olympics, he broke a 400m individual mixed swimming record. The season closed, he got 8 gold medals.

He became the greatest Olympic mobilizer to achieve 28 Olympic medals of all kinds. As the male athlete holds the record for the most gold medals in Olympic history (23 pieces). Personal content with 13 gold medals. With 8 gold medals in Beijing 2008, he broke Mark Spitz’s record for the first time in individual content.